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Mozilla's Ubiquity command line interface and Humanized's Enso are no longer available.

The Ubiquity Firefox extension adds a natural-language command line interface to the Firefox web browser. Ubiquity's command line interface is very similar to that of Humanized's Enso, which is not surprising since both projects are led by Aza Raskin, now head of user experience at Mozilla Labs. Since I'd already written a set of commands that integrate the Songza internet jukebox and music search engine with Enso, I thought I'd implement Text2Link as a Ubiquity command.

If you have the Ubiquity Firefox extension installed, click on the Subscribe… button at the top-right of this page, as shown in the following image.

Ubiquity command subscription

The text2link Ubiquity Command

Text2Link for Ubiquity implements a subset of the commands provided by the Text2Link Firefox extension. To invoke the text2link Ubiquity command, type the option-space key combination and enter text2link in the Ubiquity window. Ubiquity selects the text2link command as soon as you have entered sufficient characters to differentiate it from the other registered Ubiquity commands. For example, the following image shows the Ubiquity preview after entering the first two characters of the text2link command, te.

The Ubiquity preview for the text2link command

Opening URLs

After selecting a URL and invoking the text2link Ubiquity command, Text2Link for Ubiquity opens the URL in a new tab. Text2Link for Ubiquity does not currently provide options for opening the URL in the current tab or in a new window. The following image shows the Ubiquity preview after selecting some text that contains the URL text2link.net.

Opening a selected URL with Text2Link for Ubiquity

Sending Emails

Text2Link for Ubiquity fully implements Text2Link's email command. The following image shows the Ubiquity preview after selecting some text that contains the email address feedback@text2link.net.

Sending an email to a selected email address with Text2Link for Ubiquity